Safe Beginnings by Christine Duncan

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Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

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(1.)    What do you think of Kaye? Is she what you would have supposed a woman who counsels battered women would be like?

(2.)    What about Ethel? Do you think she is as supportive of Mary Ellen as she could be? Or was there something else she could have done to help her daughter?

(3.)    Safe Beginnings makes the point that shelters can be overcrowded or even full. Are there other alternatives for battered women in your area?

(4.)    Have you ever known a woman who was abused by her spouse or who went to a battered women's shelter? What do you think about the shelters?

( 5.)    In the last part of the book, Kaye has a discussion with Dina about her reaction to the fire. How does this discussion influence the outcome of other events?

(6.)    What happened to Maureen (Mo?) and why is it significant that Kaye hadn't figure out what went on? How did Kaye's mother know?

(7.)    Nicky represents so many battered women. Were you surprised at the end at what she did? What would you have done in Nicky's situation? How about Amanda?

(8.)    Should Kaye go back with Roger? Do you think she will? What about Farrell?